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As a leader in LGBT+ rights and equality, Ireland is one of the countries in the world where those seeking international protection on grounds of their sexual orientation and gender identity hope to reach.

  • 11 countries in the world still execute LGBT+ people*
  • 57 countries impose prison sentences of up to 8years-life imprisonment*
  • In many more countries it is the cultural law which trumps any state protection and
    makes life extremely dangerous for those who are LGBT

*Source ILGA map of sexual orientation, gender identity laws 2019


LGBT Ireland facilitates a regular peer support group for LGBT+ people seeking international protection in Ireland.

The group is called “Is Rainbow Muid, We Are Rainbow”

As with all the peer support groups run by LGBT Ireland, safety in the group is of paramount importance. People accessing peer support are experiencing support needs and vulnerabilities which need special protection.


In LGBT Ireland we take our duty of care very seriously. This is particularly the case with those seeking international protection in Ireland. They have often experienced emotional plus other forms of trauma, as well as a whole range of vulnerabilities in their home countries. They continue to experience fear, homophobic violence and harassment, isolation and many other challenges while living in Direct Provision (DP) in Ireland where cultural homophobic attitudes and behaviour prevail among other residents of DP.

It is with this cultural and institutional context in mind, that LGBT Ireland uses international best practice screening procedures in order to maximize the safety and security of “Is Rainbow Muid, We Are Rainbow”.


For questions or queries about this group and how to attend, please email [email protected] for more information.

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