Outcomes of the LGBT Champions Training

LGBT Champions Programme

Outcomes of the LGBT Champions Programme

An LGBT Champion is someone who, through the Champions training programme, is trained and empowered with the understanding and skills needed to increase the visibility, respect, awareness and knowledge of the issues facing LGBTQ+ older people.

As a result of the Training Programme:

  • Champions’ knowledge will be enriched by hearing the lived experiences of older LGBT+ people and their experiences and concerns regarding health and social care as they age.
  • Champions will have insights into being LGBTQ+ and the common challenges and concerns faced.
  • Champions will have gained practical learning on how to render their practice more LGBT+ inclusive and feel more confident in making this change.

LGBT Ireland will provide ongoing support through phone and email as you implement your action plan. You will have the opportunity to attend a Recall day to follow up and to join LGBT Champion Network events which happen nationally and regionally.

The training empowers the Champion to create a safe, inclusive and enabling environment where an older LGBTQ+ person can feel comfortable being who they are without fear of rejection or discrimination and where they can talk about things that matter to them such as their partner, their family, their history and where they can be treated in a way that respects their dignity.

The Champion will be able to help the older LGBTQ+ person know that they are not going to be judged and that they are part of a more inclusive care system.  The Champion will, in turn, be better equipped to do their job, resulting in better relationships and better health outcomes, both physically and mentally. Through an inclusive ethos and approach, the Champion will be therapeutic in creating better relationships between staff and patients.

To register your interest in becoming a Champion, email [email protected] and request an application form