‘Is Rainbow Muid – We Are Rainbow’ Support Group is an in-person peer and social group for LGBTI+ people seeking International Protection and living now in Ireland. The group meets regularly in-person on Saturday’s.

This support and social group offers a safe space for people to talk openly and confidentially with other LGBTI+ people seeking international protection about their experiences and to ask for support.

It is facilitated by LGBT Ireland Peer Support Facilitator and Volunteers. LGBT Ireland also works closely with the Irish Refugee Council for this support group.

As with all the peer support groups run by LGBT Ireland, safety in the group is of paramount importance. People accessing peer support are experiencing support needs and vulnerabilities which need special protection. In LGBT Ireland we take our duty of care very seriously.

LGBT Ireland uses international best practice screening procedures in order to maximize the safety and security of “Is Rainbow Muid, We Are Rainbow”.

The screening process involves:

1 –
an email to Peer Support Facilitator, please email: [email protected]

2 –
a screening meeting with Facilitator and one other experienced person to assess the suitability of the peer support for the referred person; signposting to other more suitable services.

Thank you taking the time to contact us.