LGBT Helpline’s #BeYourself campaign focuses on the idea of what it means to be your true self. Through activism and modeling, Ivan Fahy challenges gender norms and demonstrates the empowerment that comes from accepting and expressing oneself.


Describing what it means to be oneself is extremely difficult. Ones being is greater than descriptive language. With this, I believe being yourself is letting the inner you out; being able to express yourself in ways that make you youand signify your individuality to others.

For me, I am myself by expressing the inner and authentic me against social convention and norms by wearing makeup and high heels, items deemed not for boys. The wearing of makeup and high heels is me. It makes me happy, it makes me strong, it makes me confident. This expression allows me to live, not just exist. Wearing high heels and makeup has become the thing I am known and celebrated for. Often, the thing we hate and resist most about ourselves becomes the thing we are most proud of.

The biggest barrier to me being myself is myself. I must not stop myself from being myself. This sounds easy but it isnt. I must allow myself to evolve and prosper. I must not hold myself back.

A lot of this self-negativity stems from society. I, like everyone, have absorbed negativity from society about identity, diversity and individuality. I must undo all of this negativity to let myself shine.

It is important to love yourself as much as you can and to surround yourself with positive, hopeful and inspirational people; people that genuinely want the best for you.

I am determined to walk my own path with pride!

Ivan Fahy