We all have unique journeys but often we have common and shared experiences despite our differences. As part of the #BeYourself campaign, we hope that by sharing our stories (like Luis below) it will demonstrate that we are not alone in our experiences and that we belong to a community that encourages each other to be ourselves.


There is nothing that makes me happier than accepting myself! If I have to refer to an important lesson learned in my life I will go straight away to this one, because it represents what the real meaning of life is. I am Luis from Venezuela living in Ireland for the last 3 and a half years and I have to say that it truly changed my life.

I arrived in Dublin to keep discovering myself, because it is a journey that never ends and I have enjoyed it so much. After deciding to move to Ireland, I came out to my family in an official way, it was not that they never knew about it, but I also never mentioned it. They also never asked me about it either. It was always the awkward subject to talk about. But it doesn’t matter because when I decided to say it, they were open to hear it and up to show me their support. I would say that after that, our relationship got better and better, even on the distance, we are always chatting and planning future meetings.

I got married last December of 2016 to Ciaran. I LOVE HIM. Seriously, I never felt something similar for anyone else. Is a mixture between respect, support, passion and admiration!

We care so much for each other and we are always trying to understand our feelings. That’s the key for an enjoyable relationship where both can individually grow together.

We set up an Instagram account named @the.pichis where we share our life style as a married couple. It has been great to get followers from all around the world who feel identified with our personal experiences.

I feel in the best years of my life, working hard to make my dreams come true. Working on my own theatre plays and making them happen, because that is the only way to be happy…

Luis Noguera