14th November 2023.

Today, Senator David Norris announced that he will be retiring in the New Year. Over the last five decades, David Norris has been a consistent champion for the LGBTQ+ community and minority rights more generally.

Pádraig Rice, Policy and Research Manager with LGBT Ireland, said:

“Senator David Norris has had a remarkable career. He played a pivotal role in the decriminalisation of homosexuality. David Norris bravely fought the State all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. His victory was momentous and paved the way for the progress that followed.

“In the Seanad, Senator Norris has consistently defended human rights. His leadership helped to shift Ireland from a dark period on LGBTQ+ rights to being a global leading light.

“David Norris’s visibility as a gay man on television, radio and in the Oireachtas, in a time when far fewer people were out, no doubt helped thousands of LGBTQ+ people across the country. He has always been a true champion for the community.

“On behalf of LGBT Ireland, I’d like to wish him all the best for his retirement.”


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Image: GCN