As part of the #beYourself campaign we have asked various people across the LGBT+ community to talk about express themselves and being true to who they are. Donna is a photographer and blogger whose interests revolve around tomboy/androgynous fashion. She talks about how her style expresses her true self below.


Refuse to conform

Masculinity and femininity are starting to merge in fashion and androgyny is finally being seen as a beautiful thing. For me and I’m sure many others, this new way of thinking is allowing us to go into shops on the high street and actually find clothes we like.

In society there is a pressure to dress a certain way and I admit I have felt that pressure in the past, but I have now realised being yourself allows you to create your own style and not conform to societies vision of you.

My fashion sense and style is much more tomboy/androgynous than feminine, so when it comes to buying clothes I actually prefer the fit of men’s tops to women’s. But I should be able to buy clothes and not have to define them by gender, I am just a human that wears clothes, not a girl that buys guys tops.

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