Yesterday was a dark day for the city of Dublin and all residents of Ireland.

Our thoughts are with the victims and families of the horrific knife attack that occurred on Parnell Square. The scenes that occurred in the aftermath of the terrifying attack were deeply shocking. The violence, rioting and destruction were on a scale not previously seen by any of us. Today, we send our support and solidarity to those injured, the emergency response teams, and the affected communities.

It is important to note that last night’s riot did not happen in isolation. It was not a once-off event. It is part of an organised escalation of agitation by far-right actors committed to spreading fear and sowing division. We have witnessed first-hand the terror they have stoked at libraries, direct provision centres and most recently, outside Leinster House.

For many months, migrant groups, LGBTQ organisations and Trade Unions have been warning An Garda Síochána about the threats posed by these far-right groups and that we must tackle this organised threat with a coordinated and strategic approach. It is time for these concerns to be taken more seriously.