LGBT Ireland launch new Empowering Anthems campaign to support people coming out

Brendan Courtney, Shane Daniel Byrne and Sonya Lennon lend their support for National Coming Out Day taking place October 11th

LGBT Ireland have launched a new campaign aimed at empowering and supporting LGBTQI+ people ahead of National Coming Out day on Wednesday, 11th October. “Empowering anthems” is calling on people – allies and members of the community alike – to choose their most inspiring song, share it on social media and make a donation to support the work of LGBT Ireland. All funds raised will go towards supporting LGBT Ireland deliver its quality services for the LGBTQI+ community across Ireland.

“Coming out is one of the most significant milestones in any LGBTQI+ person’s lifetime, and it can be a hugely challenging and emotional time for people. Fear of rejection and worry for the future can often create anxiety – however it can also be an incredibly empowering experience and can open up the door to self-acceptance and joy.” That’s according to Paula Fagan, Chief Executive of LGBT Ireland speaking today at the launch of the Campaign.

“We all know the positive impact music can have on emotional well-being, and so this year we are encouraging people around Ireland to support their LGBTQI+ friends and family by choosing an empowering anthem that motivates them and makes them feel good about themselves; share the song on Instagram or any other social media and tag LGBT Ireland; and make a donation to support our services.

“At the end of the campaign, we will compile and share our playlist of Empowering Anthems which we hope will help anyone who might be struggling with their identity to feel empowered and loved, and to remind them that support and help is available to them through LGBT Ireland.”

Well-known Support

A number of well-known faces are supporting the campaign and have chosen their empowering anthems, including:

  • Comedian Shane Daniel Byrne, whose anthem is La Roux, “Bulletproof”;

  • Designer, business-woman and entrepreneur Sonya Lennon, whose anthem is “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross;

  • Presenter and designer Brendan Courtney, who also chose ‘I’m coming out’ by Diana Ross as his anthem;

  • Psychotherapist and presenter Dil Wickremasinghe, picked Madonna’s “Express Yourself”;

  • Cian Griffin, social media influencer, chose “Born this way” by Lady Gaga;

  • Presenter and actor David O’Reilly, chose “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona.

Speaking at the launch, Sonya Lennon said: “My anthem is Diana Ross’s, “I’m Coming Out,”and I first remember listening to it on a Walkman. The song encapsulates the emotion of being exactly who and where you want to be. It’s a celebration. I believe that being an ally is about accepting everyone for who they are when you’re with them but also advocating for their interests when you’re not.”

Dil Wickremasinghe’s song came out the summer of 1987, “I was 16 years old, and I became aware of my sexuality and fell madly in love with another girl, she was a beautiful Sicilian girl. I was in Palermo, Sicily, with my family for a few weeks. She had a red Vespa and I used sit on the back of it as we whizzed up Mount Pellegrino, where we shared our first kiss. I remember listening to “Express Yourself” on repeat that summer. It encouraged me to come out, express myself and 30 years later I am still happily expressing myself!”

David O’Reilly said: “Being part of any campaign that aims to alleviate any stigma, trauma or difficulty for any minority group is an honour. In a world where regression on LGBTQI+ rights is on the rise, it is so vitally important for me to support LGBT Ireland who continue to have their fingers on the pulse in supporting vulnerable members of the LGBTQI+ Community.”

Get Involved with the Empowering Anthem Campaign

Share your favourite and most empowering anthem on social media. At the end of the campaign, LGBT Ireland will share a mammoth empowering Spotify playlist compiled from all the songs people have tagged them in.

  • Post about your empowering anthem and tag LGBT Ireland.

    • Facebook:

    • Instagram: @lgbtireland_ie

    • X: @LGBT_ie

    • LinkedIn: lgbtireland

  • Use the hashtags #EmpoweringAnthems, #ShareYourAnthem

  • Donate to LGBT Ireland via social media channels, Revolut or via the LGBT Ireland website.

  • Tag others to encourage people to do the same.

LGBT Ireland Support Services

LGBT Ireland provides a number of services to the LGBTQI+ community across Ireland through their phone helplines and messaging services; peer support groups; advocating on behalf of the LGBTQI+ community and in particular providing support for older members of the community, and for those living in International Protection accommodation.

Ms. Fagan concluded, “We also want to highlight that once someone comes out, they never stop coming out for the remainder of their lives – for example, when they start a new job, join a new social group or meet new people in any situation. We hope that our playlist of anthems will help anyone who might need to feel empowered and lifted up by the community and our allies, whether they came out 30 years ago, or last week.”

Further information on LGBT Ireland can be found here:


Contact: Emily Brennan / Maedhbh Ní Chumhaill, Alice Public Relations, Email: [email protected].


About LGBT Ireland:

LGBT Ireland is a national organisation underpinned by localised knowledge and responses.

Together with their network members, they provide support, training, and advocacy which

aims to improve the lives of LGBTQI+ people across Ireland. LGBT Ireland provides a non-

judgmental and confidential service providing listening support through the National LGBT

Helpline on freephone 1800 929 539, including an online chat service via their website as

well as information for the LGBTQI+ community, their family and friends.