As part of our #beYourself campaign, we have highlighted various members across the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and others in the LGBT+ community, along with friends and families who support us on our journeys . They have shared their stories and illustrated the courage for them to be themselves and hopefully encourage others to be their unique selves.


Being yourself is always normal, always think postive in life no 1 in this world. Everyone is perfect, everyone is different and different in everyway. Live life to the fullest be strong and confidence in life !! Sometimes people may think it impossible to be normal because there going through alot. But trust me it will pass it may take time but be that little bit stronger and wait for it. By looking at me or my social media sites you would never think i suffer very bad with anxitey and panic attacks.

I was even very depressed at some stage in my life but i learned how to control it and once you do that you become stronger in yourself . Be happy live love laugh stay strong!

Sean Larkin McMillan is Dublin blogger, with an interest in travelling and fashion. He shares his thoughts on the importance of being being yourself and living life to the fullest.

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