Beth Good is a proud transvestite and the administrator of the Facebook page, Transvestites Ireland. Beth talks to us about expressing her gender, her experience of running the Facebook community for transvestites in Ireland, and who have been her inspirations!


Author Rachel Kuhn

How would you describe your gender identity?

My gender identity is a transvestite. I’m 100% happy as a man and 100% happy as a transvestite. No plans or urges to be with men or to transition. I love the word “Transgender” as it’s all inclusive as nouns go and am happy and proud to use it as well.

When did you begin to explore your gender identity?

I was about 8 when I first became curious about dressing up. I had found some female clothes at home that weren’t belonging to my Mum or younger sister and I don’t know what but I wanted to wear them. One evening I summonsed up the nerve to sneak up into the room, I put on some of the clothes I’d found and, having enjoyed it even at a young age, I knew it was right for me to go.

Would you consider yourself an activist? What kind of change would you like to see?

I don’t know if I’m what’s defined as an activist. I don’t go out protesting or lobbying, I don’t contact government ministers and I didn’t help to draft gender recognition papers. That said, I certainly look out for trans awareness and trans assistance, I look out for relevant stories, I contact people to talk about relevant going on in the trans world. I pass on advice and information to those trans curious people who ask for some or who need it and I’m always keeping an eye out for transgender people who are out of what isn’t a massive loop. So if that makes me an activist then yeah, I am one!

How did the Transvestites Ireland facebook group begin?

The Transvestites Ireland page started up about 2 years ago and was an offshoot of an old Yahoo page, Irish Trannie. Louise Hannon ran it and had me on board as an Admin. The group was very busy for years but it slowed down when Facebook took over as the de facto media outlet. As it was as good as dead, I decided to set up a Facebook page to fill the void than was aimed at Irish and UK based TV’s, admirers, spouses and supporters but without the sexual elements that some pages have. And so far, so good!

What kind of problems have you run into as the group’s administrator? 

Thankfully not too many. I limit the membership to Irish and UK based people only. As well the conversions and pics are all TV related only; between these two posts it keeps things local and relevant to the Irish scene, and that of the UK as a lot of Irish TV’s travel to the likes of Sparkle ( A TV festival in London) or the UK’s more developed trans scene. You get the odd nude or crude post to delete or irrelevant post and the odd person who won’t be told but that’s about it.

And what kind of positive results have you seen from the group?

On the positives, it’s all about helping people find themselves and being a positive part of their self development. Transgender people range from those who are happy just to borrow their SO’s panties or tights to those who dress indoors, those who wear make up, those who call into Gemini or TH, those who mingle in the public world of bars and shops and as far as those who identify full as being the opposite to their assigned gender and who may consider or who will undergo gender transition. Equally, we’ve to consider their friends and families and assist them as well and indeed those who are attracted to transgender people for they too are breaking the mould of social norms and are deserving of our comfort and understanding and acceptance.

Who are your role models or inspirations?

Anybody who helps us out, that’s for sure! The likes of Natalie from Gemini, Amanda who runs TH and Davina Kirwan all are fab but my inspirations are those who dare to be different in being themselves. Like gay couples who walk down the road hand in hand, those who adorn fabulous hair colours or who simply breach the visual norms. As for inspirations, I’m a wannabe Nigella in looks and deeds. Just not in the kitchen LOL, seriously, any trans person before me who dared it in daylight are my inspirations, as are those who accept us.

What’s the most annoying question people ask you?

No, I’m not planning on “the op”, I’m not on hormones, I am not active or passive, and I do wear panties and not boxers.

What’s the most supportive thing someone’s said or done for you?

I’ve had girlfriends who’ve held hands with me in public; for me that’s the best pleasure of all.