From the 24th- 30th October, Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) hosts TRANSforming Lives – their first National Trans Mental Health Week. As part of this week we have a few members of our community tell there stories and experience of being Trans in Ireland.


Being Trans in Ireland


First, I would start by saying that “We all have dreams, and all of this little dreams that we have within our hearts, we are absolutely wanting to make it into a reality.” I have meet my husband through internet last 2015, it would be a very long story if I would have to tell you everything that we have done for me to be able to get here in Ireland. Now, that I am here, after we have get through the red tapes of me to be able to finally marry him. Of course, it’s still wasn’t really that easy for me living here. As I came from the Philippines, the homesick and craving for what I have in the Philippines that I can’t have here in Ireland is one of the factor that could make me feel lonely at times.

As a transgender living here in Ireland, what I have experience is the racism that is coming from other people, some are with the Irish and the funny thing is that, some of them are foreign too like me. Not all the people here knows that I am a transgender, except for some of the family member of my husband. I have also experienced being rejected with job applications when they know that I am a transgender. I just want to let people know that transgender people like me/us wants to live a normal life. And what we really want is a world that will respect us. I know that in some people it would be hard for them to accept, but please, at least, give us or show us respect. I strongly believe that I am a woman trapped in the wrong body, but my Soul is the most important that every people must have to look at.

Like a man and woman can do same things in their lives, I hope that we will also start to open our minds that we transgenders could also do what men and women can do. All we want is to all be treated fairly as we live in this World. And this world that we have is only one, so we better have to give respect and let every one of us experience Equality as we all live in our daily lives.

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