Turn2Me Services

Turn2Me provides a safe, anonymous and confidential space for young people and adults in Ireland seeking support with their mental health and well-being 24/7.


Turn2Me Support Model

Turn2Me take a stepped care approach to mental health support – you can engage with any or all three of their services:

Counselling Online:

  • Turn2Me provide up to 6 free counselling sessions for adult online via instant chat/messaging, video or email
  • Couples can avail of up to 8 free counselling sessions online, using an internal video call platform.
  • Young people aged 12-17 can also avail of up to 8 free counselling sessions online. Parental consent is required and these sessions are conducted using their internal video call platform.

Group Support Online: 

  • Turn2Me service-users can attend a weekly anonymous, confidential group support in a wide range of issues using their internal instant messaging service.
  • Group support online is facilitated by one of their qualified counsellors through instant chat/messaging to protect everyone’s anonymity and confidentiality.
  • There is a tailored group for everyone – whether they’re experiencing family or relationship issues, bereavement, anxiety, stress, or low mood, feeling alone or having suicidal thoughts and feelings.
  • Turn2Me also have a number of parent support groups aimed at parents of differing age ranges – preschool children, 5-12 year olds, and adolescents, as well as a mums group and a dads group.
  • Young people (aged 12-17) can sign up for groups covering topics which have been shown to be more prevalent in their age group, such as feeling anxious, friendships and relationships.
  • A number of their groups are especially tailored for people working on the front line – from hospitals to retail and provide a safe space for people to engage in peer support around topics such as Covid, Burnout, workplace bullying, Stress, work life balance and creating healthier coping mechanisms.
  • There is no limit on the number of weeks a person can attend a group.

Peer Support Online: 

  • Turn2me provides an online peer to peer support community in which community members can gain support and/or give support to others. Community members can openly discuss mental health and wellbeing issues, share their experiences and connect with their peers in this safe online space.
  • Peer support is available 24/7 for adults (18+) and young people (12-17) and is moderated on a full time basis by trained staff, Online Community Moderators.
  • Community members can use their Thought Catcher as a daily mood diary. They can select their mood, share their feelings and track their thoughts. They can choose to make their thoughts public or private, it’s up to them! Public thoughts can be viewed and responded to by their peers, and they can also show support and respond to the public thoughts of others in the online community.
  • At present, Turn2Me have over 100 volunteers who offer support through their peer community. These volunteers, known as Community Builders, help support the community by promoting positive engagement and ensuring that everyone who posts on the website feels listened to and supported.

    Check out the short video below, highlighting Turn2Me Services: