Turn2Me encourages LGBT community to use free Thought Catcher


Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, is encouraging the LGBT community to avail of their free Thought Catcher on their website. Turn2Me said this is a great, quick mental health support for people because it’s free and it doesn’t involve long waiting lists. The charity said that people across Ireland are availing of the free service and giving positive feedback on the Thought Catcher. The service is funded by the HSE.

Turn2Me said the Thought Catcher is a free online mood diary. People can anonymously post thoughts on how they’re feeling publicly or privately and track their own mental health journey. The charity said that it’s a good way to narrow down what might trigger feelings of anxiety. If people choose to post their thoughts publicly, other people can respond to it with supportive messages or tips on how to tackle the issues they’re facing. Turn2Me.ie is a safe, moderated online platform which runs 365 days a year.

The Thought Catcher is funded by the HSE and runs every day from 2pm until 8pm.

“We’re so grateful to the HSE for providing this funding,” Fiona O’Malley, the CEO of Turn2Me, said, “It’s a free form of peer-to-peer support. Peer-to-peer support is where people can give positive messages to other people who are also struggling with their mental health, including tips on things that have helped them dealing with similar issues. Interestingly, research shows that this type of peer-to-peer support helps an individual’s journey with their own mental health. Perhaps it makes people feel like there is a greater purpose to their own mental health journey, if they’re helping others who are struggling with similar issues. It’s a form of self-help that comes with altruism. By being kind to others, we’re also being kind to ourselves and by helping others, we are helping ourselves too.”

People can avail of the Thought Catcher service for free by going to Turn2Me.ie and setting up a free account.