Dil Wickremasinghe of Newstalk, Stephen Burke of the LGBT Helpline, Odhrán Allen of GLEN (Gay Lesbian Equality Network) and Adam Brannigan discuss coming out and LGBT support resources.


Listen to our podcast on Newstalks Global Village from Saturday 22nd Of October. Dil Wickremasinghe is joined by Stephen Burke for the LGBT helpline (www.lgbt.ie), Odhrán Allen from GLEN (Gay Lesbian Equality Network) and Adam Brannigan.

The panel discuss openly and candidly the LGBT Helpline and how they support coming out in Ireland for not just youth but of people of all ages and Adam recalls his own personal coming out story.

If you are having difficulties with any of the issues coming out or dealing with the coming out of a loved one, you can contact the LGBT Helpline 7 nights a week by calling 1890 929 539 or chatting online at lgbt.ie:

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