In Ireland, as LGBTI+ People get older they are often forced into the closet due to the fear of not being accepted, and if they can’t be open about who they are with their health professionals their mental and physical health is put in danger. LGBT Ireland is working to help create positive change in our healthcare system, making LGBTI+ older people visible, safe and assured that they will be accepted even at their most vulnerable time, so that they can go on to live happier, healthier lives as part of their communities, through our LGBT Champions Programme.

LGBT Ireland is working hard to put Pride in Practice in our healthcare system with three healthcare focused webinars this week.

On Tuesday 22nd June, LGBT Ireland delivers a webinar with the Irish Gerontological Society to discuss Irish research findings that 40% of older LGBTI+ people are not out to their healthcare providers due to fear of discrimination or lack of understanding and acceptance. International research follows a similar trend. Isolation and loneliness are higher among older LGBTI+ people as many do not have a family support network similar to married heterosexual older people with children and extended family.

On Friday 25th June, LGBT Ireland will partner with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) to bring an informative and educational webinar for both health professionals and the wider public. The webinar titled Building an LGBTI+ Inclusive Healthcare System Together from Curriculum Reform to Community Practice – Issues and Solutions, will have speakers including the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD and HSE CEO Paul Reid among industry leaders and service users.

This coming Saturday, 26th June, LGBT Ireland partners with the Irish College of General Practitioners to deliver a Pride webinar for their members. Topics covered will include coming out across the age spectrum, sexual health, fertility and the legal status of LGBTI+ parents.

LGBT Ireland, working together with healthcare educators and providers look forward to an inclusive healthcare system Ireland can be proud of.

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