PRESS RELEASE (TW: Conversion practices, exorcism, rape)

Thursday, 21st July 2022.

LGBT Ireland Welcomes the support of the Irish Association of Catholic Priests for a ban on conversion practices as research into the issue continues

The Irish Association of Catholic Priests has expressed its support for the ban on conversion practices on LGBTI+ people and has urged people to take part in the research being carried out at Trinity College.

LGBT Ireland Campaign Officer Alan Edge said, ‘The support of the ACP for a ban on these cruel and inhumane practices is very welcome indeed. Conversion practices are any interventions practised on an LGBTI+ person with the goal of changing their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. They take place both in faith-based and in clinical settings and include being prayed over, being forced to undergo pseudo-scientific ‘counselling’ and, at the extreme end, even exorcisms and corrective rape. We would really urge anyone who has been offered such interventions or has been subjected to them to take part in the survey which will inform the legislative ban to which the government has committed.

He added, ‘We recognise that LGBTI+ people of faith are particularly susceptible to these types of interventions and may be especially vulnerable as they try to reconcile their beliefs and traditions with their sexuality or gender identity. For this reason, the support of the ACP is a positive development which sends a clear message of support to LGBTI+ Catholics in particular.’

‘These practices are based on fundamentally flawed biases against our community, and they cause real and lasting harm to people. The study is working towards investigating the practices which have been happening, often in dark places, and which the government has rightly determined cannot be allowed to continue.’

If you or someone you know has been subjected to conversion practices, please help us in preventing this from happening to others by completing the survey: 

For more information, or to speak to the researchers directly, you can contact the team at [email protected]

Link to ACP press release:




Contact: Alan Edge Email: [email protected]


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