A special collection of pride postcards has been created to celebrate the courage and resilience of the LGBTI+ Community


LGBT Pride Post Cards

LGBT Ireland has launched a four-part postcard collection reflecting on the theme of courage that can be picked up at LGBTI+ friendly venues, cafes, and social spaces throughout Dublin Pride.

Earlier this year LGBT Ireland commissioned three queer Irish artists to create images based on the key pillars of the organisations work:

  • Direct Support: Listening in confidence and without judgement
  • Awareness: Enhancing Inclusion for the LGBTI+ community through education
  • Advocacy: Providing a voice on the challenges facing the LGBTI+ community.

The results were a collection of four images which celebrate the bravery of LGBTI+ people as they overcome the barriers and challenges that the community still faces.

Speaking about the collection LGBT Ireland CEO Paula Fagan said: “We are delighted to unveil our Pride Postcards. Perseverance, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity is a hallmark of the LGBTI+ community of which we can all be rightly proud, how these four images have captured this concept is truly stunning. We have been blown away by the creativity of Aine, Amy and Viktor in how they translated each of the briefs into empowering, hopeful, and thought-provoking ways”

The four images celebrate the diversity and courage of the LGBTI+ Community and were designed by artist Aine Macken, illustrator Amy Lauren and animator Viktor Horvath.

Aine, who was asked to consider the theme of Being yourself said “I took inspiration from a wonderful photo of some members of ‘Is Rainbow Muid’ marching for Dublin Pride in 2019 – I wanted to demonstrate the courage these members of our community take to walk proudly as their true selves and how joyous and freeing an experience that can be!

On the theme of reaching out for help Amy said “Anxiety around asking for help comes with so much emotional baggage, and I wanted to highlight this with a positive twist. It’s brave to beat your fears and be vulnerable.”

Hungarian artist Viktor who worked on the theme of the courage to walk with pride every day said “Coming to Ireland where my rights and freedoms as a gay man were not just protected, but celebrated was amazing – seeing the cruel assaults of the past months reminds you of how fragile that inclusion can be and how important it is for us all to stand together’

LGBT Ireland is a national organisation underpinned by localised knowledge and responses. Together with our network members, we provide support, training, and advocacy which aims to improve the lives of LGBTI+ people across Ireland.

The LGBT Ireland Pride Postcards will be distributed around Dublin throughout Dublin Pride, or can be accessed digitally on the LGBT Ireland Website.

A QR code printed on the back of each card will allow you donate to help LGBT Ireland continue its work in support of the LGBTI+ community in Ireland


The Courage to Walk With Pride

The Courage to Walk with Pride. Artist: Viktor Horvath

Visibility of LGBTI+ identities within our society creates a sense of belonging and security for LGBTI+ people, and those who are able to be open about their sexuality and gender can serve as role models for the wider community. While incidences of Hate Crime against the LGBTI+ community have risen in Ireland in the past number of years, LGBT Ireland recognises the courage and importance of all who walk with pride every day.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @dirtypaws_art

The Courage to Find Safety

The Courage to Find Safety, Artist: Amy Lauren

Around the world LGBTI+ people face harassment and discrimination, with barriers to accessing employment, health services, and police protection. LGBTI+ identities remain criminalised with punishments ranging from fines to life imprisonment and even the death penalty. Some LGBTI+ people make the difficult decision to leave behind everything they have known to seek a life free of persecution. LGBT Ireland recognises the courage it takes to pursue a life where you can be free to be yourself.

Visit the artist’s website here: www.amylaurenillustration.com/

The Courage to Be Yourself

The Courage to be Yourself. Artist: Aine Macken

Within many communities, LGBTI+ individuals remain unwelcome and marginalised and will often face a choice to conform to cis-normative & heteronormative expectations or face rejection or harassment. LGBT Ireland recognises the courage and strength it takes to be yourself in the face of hostility and strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for all LGBTI+ people.

Visit the artist’s website here: www.ainemacken.com

The Courage to Ask For Help

The Courage to Reach out for Help. Artist: Amy Lauren


Every year, hundreds of LGBTI+ people reach out to the LGBT Helpline and Online Chat. This Pride, LGBT Ireland recognises the courage it takes, in the face of fear, anxiety and loneliness to reach out and help ask for help or support. We’re here to listen, in confidence and without judgement, seven days a week, by phone (1800 929 539) or our Online Chat Service (www.lgbt.ie).

Visit the artist’s website here: www.amylaurenillustration.com/