Founder of the new group Queer Writers of Ireland Moxie Lofton discusses the goals of the new collective for queer writers. The group has already held a coffeehouse writing crawl and has other events planned for November and December that aim to connect queer writers. 


Queer Writers of Ireland

Logo for Queer Writers of Ireland

Queer Writers of Ireland was founded with the goal of connecting, educating and empowering LGBTQ+ writers living in Ireland. As it currently stands, events take place once a month and range from community-building activities, such as September’s inaugural pints or October’s coffeehouse crawl, and events geared to improving one’s writing, such as November’s workshop on story mechanics or December’s peer-review night. Furthermore, there is a closed-group on Facebook to allow queer writers an outlet to connect and share information which others may appreciate or enjoy.


As time goes on and we build a stronger network, there are plans to expand the scope to make QWI a larger and more ubiquitous resource. Currently, all events take place in the Dublin city center, but once a committee specifically for Dublin is established, we will seek to create chapters within the rest of Ireland.


Around said time, a publication will be established, sold as an annual volume, with the end goal of highlighting talented queer writers and raising money for a charity decided on by the contributors by popular vote.


Above all, QWI will strive to help queer writers feel they are not alone and have the knowledge, ability and opportunities to have their voices heard.


Whether you’re a published writer, just starting out or anywhere in between, check out the events and resources QWI has to offer. To get involved or find more information, Queer Writers of Ireland can be found on or on Twitter and Instagram with the username @QueerWritersIE