Our new mental health awareness campaign It’s Good To Talk is being run in partnership with eir, and aims to promote our support services widely throughout the Dublin Pride festival.


It can seem too simple to say that talking can have a positive impact on our mental health, but for the majority of people who contact the LGBT Helpline services this is true.  As people begin to open up about their own or a loved ones sexuality or gender identity, what may have seemed impossible can begin to seem possible, and people begin to feel more supported, less isolated and more hopeful about their future.

The aim of this campaign is to spread the word about our services to a wide audience, so that the people who need us know that about the supports that we offer, and to encourage those who are struggling not to suffer in silence but to speak to us.

If you are interested in supporting our campaign, then you can show your support by marching with us in this year’s Dublin Pride parade, or drop by our stand at the Dublin pride village in merrion square.  #Itsgoodtotalk