Top Tips for Using Our Service

1. Be patient

Often, it might take a bit of time for a volunteer to become available. Use the time to think about what you’d like to say or to browse the LGBT Helpline website.

2. Focus on the chat

Once you get through, try and focus on the chat. It’s quicker and easier to get the help you need if you aren’t distracted.

3. Be honest

Don’t be afraid to say how you really feel and what help you really need. The chats are confidential, unless you or someone else’s life is in danger, but even the action taken in these circumstances will be for your benefit. Find out more about our confidentiality policy here….(Copy of our policy attached separately – should be link to the policy here)

4. Let the volunteer  know what you want to talk about

You can’t always prepare what you want to say but if there is something specific, tell them at the beginning of your chat.

5. Be aware that it takes longer to type than to talk

Don’t worry if you can’t cover everything that’s on your mind in a single chat. Volunteers want to give you the best possible help so may sometimes need a few minutes to reply as well. If you feel like you can’t stay on the chat for very long, let the volunteer know at the beginning. You can also call on our lo-call number 1890 929 539 to speak to a helpline volunteer.

6. Be understanding

Things aren’t always clear online. If the volunteer says something which you don’t understand, ask them to clarify what they mean. If you ever feel a chat wasn’t as useful as a previous one you’ve had, give it another chance – you may find that your next chat is really helpful.

7. Give yourself time for things to change

Unfortunately for most problems there is no immediate solution and it can take more than just one chat. Volunteers can’t fix your problems or tell you what to do but they can support and help you work out the next step.

8. Exiting a chat quickly

If you press ‘Emergency Exit’ on the right hand side of you screen at any point in your chat it will cut you off from the volunteer and take you to ‘Google’. This is a quick way to hide what you are doing if someone interrupts you. It does cut you off though, so you will have to request another chat. Be patient.