LGBT Ireland and the National LGBT Helpline takes confidentiality very seriously and all members of staff and volunteers work to a strict confidentiality policy. Nothing you say to a staff member, helpline volunteer or peer support facilitator will go beyond LGBT Ireland, the National LGBT Helpline service unless there is a genuine reason to believe that you might be at risk, that you might be a risk to others or that a minor or vulnerable adult might be at risk.

In these circumstances the LGBT Helpline National Co-ordinator will have to be informed of the relevant details and may have to contact someone outside of the service. In most cases you will be informed in advance about who is being contacted and why, and included in this process wherever possible.

Please be reassured that this is only in exceptional circumstances where there is a potential risk to yourself or others and/or where required by law.

If you ever feel that your confidentiality has not been respected or if there is any other aspect of the service which you are unhappy with please refer to our complaints procedure and notify us of the issue as soon as possible.  We take all feedback as constructive and will act wherever possible to ensure the resolution of any issues and/or to prevent similar issues happening in the future.

Complaints Procedure

LGBT Ireland and the National LGBT Helpline operates according to professional guidelines, policies and practices.  If anybody wishes to make a complaint about their interactions, or service that they received from LGBT Ireland or the National LGBT Helpline they are invited to partake in the following complaints procedure:

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint about their interactions with LGBT Ireland or the service they have received, are encouraged in the first instance to address their complaint directly to the member of LGBT Ireland / the National LGBT Helpline that the complaint concerns.  If this proves unsatisfactory, or if they do not feel comfortable approaching the person directly, they should make their complaint to the National LGBT Helpline’s National Coordinator by phone (01) 685 9280 or email to [email protected].

If this is unsatisfactory you can contact the Chairperson of LGBT Ireland by phone on 01-6859280 or by email to [email protected]

All complaints will be dealt with in a strictly confidential manner.

If you are not satisfied with the support you received via our National Helpline or Online Chat Service, you can contact LGBT Ireland and a member of staff will follow-up with you. We can be reached via email at [email protected] or you can call our office on 01 6859280 during normal office hours. Please do leave a message so we can follow-up with you. Thank you.