As part of the #BeYourself campaign, we have encouraged various people across the LGBT+ community to share their stories, thoughts and words of inspiration and motivation to express and be yourself. Corban Bennett is FTM Trans, an advocate for being true to who you are, Preaches self love and shares their story of fighting the battle against body dysphoria.


I’ve talked to those close to me about it, but dysphoria won last month. Too many distractions, too much stress that I forget to give myself the things I needed. I’m back at it though, focused and today I feel better.

Not everyday is going to be perfect, just because you make it to a certain milestone or have surgery, etc. doesn’t mean that your dysphoria and body struggles won’t come up every once and awhile. It’s how you deal with these situations mentally, emotionally and physically that is important. Come back stronger; then you win.
“You are not just anything. Do not bury your demons in the dark side of the moon. Instead phase out of your sky. When they treat your love like a eclipse, like it means to live in someone else’s shadow.  Like it deserves to be black hole swallowed because it burns too bright to look at. Do not fight your own pull. Trust in your own gravity. We are closer to the Stars then they will ever be, And if anyone ever tried to tell you that your love is wrong. If anyone waits for you to backwards become yourself. Treats your queerness as anything other than the infinite universe of beautiful possibilities that it is, tell them that you’re sorry that they’d rather live in darkness than learn to love your light, learn to love your flicker, flash of radiation, learn to love your full moon.”
(For anyone who’s been told it’s just a phase by Kevin Kantor and Sienna Burnett)