It’s important to share your voices and be true to yourself . Our #BeYourself campaign is a place gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans people and friends & families of LGBTQ people can share their thoughts and opinions. Darryl shares his story below for the #BeYourself campaign. Hopefully sharing stories like Darryl’s gives courage to others to be themselves and express their true selves.


One thing I learned the hard way is to love yourself no matter what, becoming a Burn Survivor was the most difficult, scariest but amazing thing I ever faced in my life. It gave me the power to not fear and hide from change but run towards; it gave me the power love me for me and appreciate what people don’t see. I no longer let people feel sorry for me for being burned on my birthday, for me it was a gift to allow me to be me no matter how the world sees and judges me.